ZkSync Airdrop

The ZkSync airdrop is not officially confirmed, but we have a lot of evidence that it will happen:

  1. A ZkSync token has been confirmed.
  2. ZkSync has a lot of quests on different platforms.
  3. ZkSync has some special NFTs which might be criteria for a ZkSync airdrop.

When the ZkSync airdrop happens, it could be huge, comparable to the Arbitrum airdrop. While there are some rumors about new official ZkSync NFTs, I think that the snapshot has not been taken yet. This means that we still have a chance to increase our activity on ZkSync and become eligible for their airdrop.

I have been working with ZkSync for a while, and I will share my strategies and protocols that you can interact with to increase your number of transactions and, what is extremely important, the volume of transactions.

ZkSync Airdrop: Steps & Activities

  1. Bridge ETH from the mainnet to ZkSync using the official bridge — https://bridge.zksync.io/.
  2. While you can't mint ZkSync Libertas Omnibus NFT anymore, I recommend purchasing it on a secondary market (OpenSea, for example).
  3. Swap between different tokens on the ZkSync network using Rhino.Fi. Btw, on Rhino.Fi, you can check your ZkSync activity and see the volume and number of transactions, as well as your rating among other ZkSync users.
  4. Mint NFT on ZkSync using Rhino.Fi.
  5. Swap using PancakeSwap.
  6. Add liquidity via PancakeSwap.
  7. Use SyncSwap to wrap and unwrap ETH (there is about a $0.2 fee).
  8. Interact with Izumi Finance on ZkSync — https://izumi.finance/trade/swap.
  9. Use Odos Protocol to swap ETH for various coins ($0.4 per transaction).
  10. Use Space.Fi to swap and add/remove liquidity on ZkSync.

ZkSync Airdrop Requirements

As I mentioned before, there are no officially published requirements, but based on my experience, you need to focus on the volume, number of transactions, ownership of some key NFTs, and diversity of protocols that you have interacted with. I recommend following the steps above and using at least 0.5 ETH to start the chain of your transactions.

I will update this page as soon as I get more details about the upcoming ZkSync airdrop. Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter, Farcaster, and Telegram.

ZkSync Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • Infrastructure
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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