Wormhole Airdrop

The Wormhole airdrop is among the most anticipated events in the crypto industry, and for good reason. Wormhole is significant, interconnecting multiple blockchains and simplifying the process of farming.

Update 07.02.2024: Although we had been awaiting the Wormhole airdrop for some time without specific details, today, we finally received official information. Wormhole has published a page on their website about tokenomics, disclosing key information. I have updated this page to reflect the latest developments.

Wormhole Airdrop Facts:

  • The Wormhole airdrop has been officially announced.
  • The Token Generation Event (TGE) date is yet to be announced.
  • Wormhole token ticker: W.
  • Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000.
  • 17% of Wormhole tokens will be distributed as an airdrop to the community during the launch phase.
  • The snapshot for the Wormhole airdrop has already been taken.

Wormhole Airdrop Activities

Since the snapshot for the Wormhole airdrop has already been taken, any further activity with the bridge will not make you eligible for the airdrop. Users who interacted with the Wormhole bridge before the snapshot will be eligible for the airdrop. However, I do not have information about the tiers of allocation.

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Wormhole Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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