Owlto Finance Airdrop

Owlto Finance is a powerful bridge that I personally really like for my daily transactions. I think there is a high chance of an Owlto Airdrop, because they already have a points system, and they mentioned a potential airdrop in their documentation.

Owlto Airdrop

Owlto Airdrop Points Program

For each transaction on Owlto Finance, you get points. The more volume, the more points you earn. Additionally, the number of transactions also matters, as more transactions earn you a points boost. It's pretty straightforward. Apart from that, Owlto Finance has a Daily Check-In program which rewards users that use the bridge on a daily basis. To get daily check-in points, you need to click on the Calendar icon, click on the current date, and confirm the transaction on-chain (you can choose between zkSync, Manta Pacific, BSC, opBNB, Kroma, and Linea networks).

Owlto Finance also has a referral program, so by inviting your friends, you can earn up to 15% commissions and also earn more points, which may be used for a future Owlto airdrop.

What are the Chances of an Owlto Airdrop?

I personally think the chances are pretty high. Owlto Finance has some active programs on Galxe, an active points system, and if you are farming some Tier 1 airdrops, I would recommend using Owlto when you need to bridge some funds.

Owlto Finance Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
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