Metis Airdrop

Metis is one of my favorite projects, which I personally see a lot of potential in. There are many reasons for this, including a couple worth mentioning:

  1. MetisDAO, the organization behind the Metis Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, was co-founded by Natalia Ameline, who is Vitalik Buterin's mother.
  2. MetisDAO is planning to launch a Decentralized Sequencer and has created a $100M fund.

Btw, there is one hidden gem in the Metis ecosystem, I will tell you about it more as soon as this guide will get at least 5 comments. 

What is Metis?

MetisDAO is a Layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum that aims to improve the scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of transactions and smart contracts on the Ethereum network. MetisDAO utilizes Optimistic Rollup technology, enabling faster and cheaper transactions than those on the Ethereum mainnet by batching multiple transactions into a single one.

Metis Airdrop Guide

In anticipation of the upcoming Metis airdrop, a dedicated website has been launched where users can complete on-chain quests and earn points.

As of now (February 7), Season 2 is available.

How to Farm Metis Airdrop?

With Metis launching a Decentralized Sequencer and the Metis Sepolia testnet, the airdrop will be available for users who interact with Metis Sepolia, not the Metis mainnet. First, you need to connect to the Metis Sepolia testnet:

Connect to Metis Sepolia Testnet

Connect your wallet to the Metis Sepolia testnet, ensuring you're not on the mainnet. If your wallet doesn't list the Metis Sepolia network, you'll need to add it manually with the provided network details:

  • Network name: Metis Sepolia
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 59901
  • Currency symbol: METIS

While the network details are provided above, I recommend you ALWAYS verify such details on the official website to avoid falling victim to scammers that publish fraudulent information and phishing network details.

Claim Metis Testnet Tokens

Use the official Telegram bot faucet to claim test tokens on Metis Sepolia. By claiming these tokens, you will also get 500 points. I would not provide a link to the bot; just click on the link on the official website:


Interact with the ENKI platform

The next quest, which contains three tasks, will give you 4500 points (1500 pts each).

  • Stake Metis (test token that you claimed in the previous step) into eMetis
  • Stake eMetis into the seMetis vault
  • Stake ENKI to vest eMetis rewards from the seMetis. To get ENKI, you can use the faucet on the ENKI platform, however, it's barely working. So, I found a workaround (read below)

Get ENKI Tokens for the Metis Airdrop Campaign

If the ENKI faucet is not working for you, go to, a quite good DEX in the Metis ecosystem. Confirm that you are connected via the Metis Sepolia testnet and exchange your Metis for ENKI. If you don't see ENKI in the list of tokens, you can add it manually:

  • In the Swap window, click «Manage» at the bottom
  • Switch to the «Tokens» tab
  • Enter the ENKI contract address: 0xa32d8902891B665939c1534283f1Bb7d9D283793 (again, always verify contract addresses on theofficial website)


Metis Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • DEX
  • DeFi
  • Staking
  • Infrastructure
Our rating:
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