Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of the Week

Are they available for legal streaming, digital rental, or digital purchase?

Do people turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally? We're building a dataset to help answer that question. Here are last week's most-pirated movies and their availability:

Title Streaming Digital Rental Digital Purchase
1. Prisoners
2. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
3. Elysium
4. Red 2
5. The Wolverine
6. Drinking Buddies
7. 2 Guns
8. We’re The Millers
9. Machete Kills
10. Thor: The Dark World
Week ending Nov 25, 2013. Source: TorrentFreak and Can I Stream It.

Over the past 8 weeks, only 43% of the most-pirated movies have been available legally in some digital form.

Over the same period, only 21% have been available for rental or streaming.

In addition, only 1% have been available on a legal streaming service.

The chart below shows the legal availability of the most pirated movies over the past 8 weeks.

Methodology: The way we develop this data set is very simple. We take the top 10 most pirated movies on BitTorrent as reported by TorrentFreak each Monday. Then we look up whether each movie is available in a legal digital format using the Can I Stream It service. We display the most recent week's data in the table above, but the entire data set, with fine-grained service availability, is available for download.