ZetaSwap Airdrop

For those who missed the opportunity to get into the ZetaChain airdrop (the snapshot was taken in August 2023), there are still great opportunities within the recently launched ZetaChain ecosystem.

ZetaSwap, a DeFi tool on the ZetaChain blockchain, offers convenient swaps and liquidity pools. For us, crypto pirates, ZetaSwap should be especially interesting because, since its launch, they have included Ā«AirdropĀ» in their navigation menu.

What is even better is that they have very clear and straightforward rules for their rewards system.

ZetaSwap Airdrop Guide:

  1. Bridge to ZetaChain using Eddy Finance (by the way, Eddy Finance will also have its own airdrop).
  2. Perform swaps.
  3. Provide liquidity.

ZetaSwap Airdrop Points System

For each transaction, you earn ZS points. The more transactions you make, the more points you get. Moreover, there are special NFT rewards, which will probably be an important factor in the upcoming ZetaSwap airdrop.

ZetaSwap Airdrop NFTs

To obtain these ZetaSwap NFTs, you need to meet some requirements:

  • Swap a volume of $5k.
  • Swap a volume of $10k.
  • Swap on 14 unique days.
  • Add $500 liquidity in Core/Eddy pools.
  • Invite 3 friends.

In my opinion, it is definitely worth exploring the entire ZetaChain ecosystem, and ZetaSwap will be one of the main DEXes within this network.

ZetaSwap Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • DEX
  • DeFi
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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