Supra Airdrop

Alright, guys. Today I will tell you about a very interesting and potentially rewarding Airdrop from Supra Oracles. To make the Supra Airdrop farming more efficient, you need to thoroughly understand the project and the problems it solves. Let's dive in.

What is Supra Oracles?

Supra Oracles is a cross-chain oracle network that offers advanced data solutions for decentralized applications (dApps) across various blockchain ecosystems. It sources data from reliable crypto sources, processed through a unique network of randomized tribes and clans nodes to ensure accuracy, stability, and fast finality. The network is a significant enhancement for oracles and smart contracts, facilitating a wide range of applications from DeFi to GameFi.

Key Features of Supra Oracles:

  1. Data Feeds: Provides real-time, secure, and decentralized data feeds from top crypto sources across multiple blockchains.
  2. Supra VRF (Verifiable Random Function): Offers a decentralized solution for generating verifiable on-chain randomness, crucial for applications needing random outcomes like games or prize draws.
  3. Supra IntraLayer: An integrated framework combining oracles, bridges, and a smart contract platform. It is designed for natively cross-chain compatibility, enabling seamless communication across the fragmented blockchain landscape.

Supra Oracles aims to unlock Web3's full potential by addressing the challenges of interoperability and data reliability in the blockchain world.

Alright, but what about the Supra Airdrop?

Supra Airdrop Facts:

  • Supra Oracles has confirmed their upcoming airdrop.
  • The Supra Airdrop will be based on their current quest program — The Countdown to Blast Off.
  • The Supra tokens airdrop will occur after the Token Generation Event (TGE), which is projected for Q1 (yes, you still have a chance to join the program).
  • The Supra team has allocated a lot of resources to create a really engaging pre-airdrop quest program.
  • Supra Oracles are already live on more than 46 mainnets across major L1s and L2s, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aptos, Avalanche, Base, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Fantom, Mantle, Metis, Optimism, Polygon, Moonbeam, and SUI.
  • At this moment, you don't need to perform on-chain tasks to qualify for the Supra airdrop.
  • You need to pass KYC verification to get more points (this is Supra's Sybil filter).

Sounds great? I personally think so, at least it is worth spending some time/resources on such an interesting project. I will guide you on how to join and participate in the Supra Oracles airdrop campaign.

Supra Airdrop Farming Guide

  1. Go to the official website and click the «Get Started» button.
  2. Confirm that you are not from restricted countries or countries that have reached maximum capacity.
  3. Sign up and fill out the registration form (you need to provide your email and password).
  4. Verify your email.
  5. Proceed to the next steps (short onboarding) — get familiar with ranks, referrals, stars, and prizes.
  6. Now you are ready to take on your first mission. Please keep in mind that as this program has been live for a while, there are 40 past missions that I recommend completing. While you won't receive «crates» for these past missions, each successful mission will give you 5 stars, which will increase your rank.
  7. Active missions will reward you with crates, where you can win stars or Supra tokens (that you will be able to claim to your Supra wallet after the Token Generation Event projected for Q1).
  8. After you collect 240 stars, you will be promoted to the Navigator rank, which allows you to join expeditions. An expedition is another type of quest within the Supra Oracles airdrop campaign, that can give you higher rewards. Please keep in mind that at the time of writing this article, the last expedition has already started, so you won't be able to join it. However, the Supra Oracles community manager confirmed that new expeditions will be published before the TGE.
  9. Get yourself familiar with the interface of the Supra airdrop campaign. It's really engaging, and there are some fun things to do, such as collecting «Bobblenauts» that you can use on the dashboard of your spaceship.
    Supra Airdrop dashboard
  10. Follow new missions and expeditions to increase your Supra tokens and stars.
  11. You also have a chance to win some valuable prizes in the raffles. Visit the «Giveaway» section to see active campaigns.

Supra Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • Q1 2024
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
  • DEX
  • DeFi
  • Oracles
  • Infrastructure
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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