Pyth Airdrop

Pyth airdrops could be something really huge, considering the untapped potential of this platform and the extensive network of partners relying on data from Pyth Oracles. Read on to find out more about the Pyth airdrop and why you should stake your Pyth tokens. 

The main Pyth airdrop has already happened, rewarding many users across multiple projects from EVM, Solana, Cosmos, and Move (Aptos, SUI) ecosystems.

However, the Pyth staking program is live, meaning that users might potentially be rewarded from Airdrops by projects using Pyth's data. With an increasing number of partnerships and the fact that Pyth is the primary Oracle provider in the Solana ecosystem, this opens up huge opportunities. 

Another reason why we at Piracy Data think that more Pyth project airdrops are coming is the fact that they added an option in the staking dashboard to add your EVM wallet (within Ethereum compatible projects).

How to be eligible for Airdrops from the Pyth network?

  1. Get some Pyth if you don't have them yet.
  2. Go to and authenticate with your Solana wallet. 
  3. Stake your Pyth tokens there. Please keep in mind that your tokens will participate in staking and will get you governance voting power at the start of each epoch (every Thursday).
  4. Now go to your Profile at and assign your EVM wallet. In my opinion, this is a good sign that the Pyth ecosystem airdrop will include more projects, not only those who have staked Pyth tokens in the staking dashboard. Pyth Airdrop - assign EVM wallet
  5. Regularly check Pyth DAO at and vote for proposals.
  6. Interact with projects that use the Pyth network (the list is provided below).

Pyth ecosystem airdrop projects:

Some of these projects don't have their tokens yet, meaning that their usage increases your potential output from the Pyth ecosystem airdrop.

  • Drift Protocol
  • Hashflow
  • Helium
  • Helix
  • Kamino
  • Jupiter ( — my favorite DEX on Solana)
  • MarginFi
  • Kawa (SEI network)
  • Lendle
  • LayerBank
  • Alpaca Finance
  • Angle Protocol
  • Bonfida
  • Beluga Protocol
  • Bitmart
  • BTSE
  • Cryptex Finance

Pyth Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • DEX
  • DeFi
  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Oracles
  • Infrastructure
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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