Orderly Airdrop

Orderly is an omnichain trading infrastructure that unifies liquidity across blockchains. Right now, there is a chance to participate in an upcoming airdrop from a campaign that involves Arbitrum.

How to Participate in the Orderly Airdrop?

There are several simultaneous Orderly airdrop campaigns you can join:

Orderly Leaderboard Campaign on LogX

For each trade on Orderly through the LogX perpetuals trading platform on the Arbitrum network, you earn points that rank you on the leaderboard. This campaign ends on February 3, 2024, and each participant from the Top 50 will receive a special NFT, ranging from Mythical to Rare.


Galxe Campaigns

Galxe campaigns involve some trading tasks as well as social activities. 

Orderly & LogX Trading Excellence

This campaign partially overlaps with the Orderly Leaderboard campaign as it involves trading on the LogX platform (use this invitation code: E5877AF6). There are 5 quests in this campaign, and you can receive 3 NFTs «Chief Experience Officer» of different levels (knight — for a $500 total Arbitrum trading volume, queen — for a $5,000 trading volume, king — for a $15,000 trading volume) for completing them. 

Orderly x OP x WOOFiPro Trading Extravaganza

This campaign involves trading on WOOFiPRO on the Optimism blockchain. This one is much easier than the LogX campaign, as you only need to achieve a $1,000 volume. 

There are other activities that can increase your chances of getting an Orderly airdrop, so please follow the official Orderly Twitter.

Orderly Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • Q1 2024
Active Points System:
  • DeFi
Our rating:
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