Orbiter Finance Airdrop

Ahoy, my dear airdrop hunters! I've always admired Orbiter Finance for its bridging capabilities and was using it regularly, and now there's even more reason to be excited. Orbiter Finance is set to revolutionize the Ethereum ecosystem with the launch of Orbiter Rollup. This development, a ZK-powered instant omni meta-layer, offers limitless scalability and unified liquidity to Ethereum's mainnet. It's not just a bridge, it's a bold step towards reshaping Ethereum’s landscape, making this airdrop hunt more intriguing than ever!

Overview of Orbiter Finance

Orbiter Finance is a ZK-tech-based instant omni rollup on Ethereum, offering secure, efficient, and decentralized data communication services. It's a leading cross-chain bridge in the cryptocurrency space.

Orbiter Airdrop Details

About 3 months ago, Orbiter Finance introduced a points system and confirmed an upcoming airdrop, which is now gaining attention as a potentially significant event in the crypto community. The date of airdrop is not known yet. 

How to Farm Orbiter Airdrop Points

  • Orbiter Activity: Stay active on the bridge to earn points. Every three bridge transactions earn you a card to flip for extra points.
  • Orbiter Finance Quest: there is one active quest for Manta Network related on-chain tasks with deadline set for February 12
  • Orbiter Pilot NFT: Holding this NFT gives you extra points and may offer additional benefits for Orbiter token airdrop.

Special Opportunities for Orbiter Airdrop

  • Orbiter Finance quest deadline is set for February 12, so you have some time to earn extra points for the upcoming airdrop.
  • I advise you to use Orbiter when farming other Tier 1 airdrops like ZkSync, Linea, Scroll and Starknet.

Already Missed Opportunities for Orbiter Airdrop

  • Currently there are no active quests on Galxe for Orbiter Finance
  • The omni-chain inscription powered by Orbiter Finance is no longer available for minting

To avoid missing such opportunities in the future, visit PiracyData.org regularly and follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

Orbiter Airdrop Participation Guide

  • Visit Orbiter Finance.
  • Engage in quests and use the Orbiter bridge as needed.
  • Stay informed about deadlines and additional opportunities.

Orbiter Finance Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
  • DEX
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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