LayerZero Airdrop

LayerZero is probably one of the most anticipated airdrops in the crypto community. While there is still no information about timelines and activities that will qualify you for the LayerZero Airdrop, we have created a list of projects that use LayerZero (which will actually trigger transactions in LayerZero) and some helpful tools.

LayerZero Airdrop Tools

  • — Use the LayerZero explorer to find all interactions of your wallet with the LayerZero protocol.
  • — This amazing LayerZero airdrop checker will analyze for your wallet and show how your transactions compare with top active wallets. You will be able to see gaps in interactions and bridge them.LayerZero Airdrop Checker by Merkly

LayerZero Ecosystem Projects for Airdrop:

  • Stargate: — use bridge and I also recommend provide liquidity, stake some STG and vote in DAO.
  • Angle:
  • TraderJoe Bridge:
  • Mummy Finance:
  • Radiant:
  • Aptos Bridge:
  • WooFi:
  • LiquidSwap Bridge:
  • Abracadabra:
  • Harmony Bridge:
  • Pancake Bridge:
  • Dexalot:
  • Gains:
  • BTC Bridge:
  • Level Finance:
  • Fuse:
  • Holograph:
  • DappGate:
  • L2Marathon:
  • Goerli Bridge:

LayerZero Airdrop NFT Tools:

LayerZero Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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