Garden Finance (SEED) Airdrop

Garden Finance has caught my eye with its ambitious goal: to build the fastest bridge between EVM networks (Ethereum and Arbitrum) and Bitcoin. What stands out is their commitment to speed and affordability, offering a low fixed bridging fee of just 0.3% on all trades.

Registration on Garden Finance is possible only with an invite code. Grad this one: YFW620

Speed is of the essence, and Garden Finance delivers, with average trade times currently ranging from 5-10 minutes depending on the amount. This efficiency is powered by Catalog's innovative peer-to-peer atomic swaps, allowing for seamless BTC to WBTC conversions without the need for any centralized authority.

What's more, Garden Finance’s zero-confirmation mechanism ensures these swaps are not just secure but also incredibly fast (when I tested their swaps on BTC-WBTC, it took on average about 8 mins).

This development is particularly timely, given the high demand for efficient BTC-EVM bridging solutions. It's worth noting that SatoshiVM is another project tackling this issue, heating up the competition.

Garden Finance's approach is revolutionary: no MPC network, no wrapped assets, just straightforward peer-to-peer, chain-agnostic swaps.

With Garden Finance, you can convert real BTC to real WBTC in less than 10 minutes – a game-changer for traders and investors.

Garden Finance Airdrop (SEED)

The Garden Finance Airdrop looks very promising, and with the project still flying under the radar, early participants can expect minimal dilution.

For each bridging transaction (BTC to WBTC or WBTC to BTC) you get points that will be used to determine your Garden Finance Airdrop allocation. 

This is how Garden Finance rewards dashboard looks like:


However, access to Garden Finance and its swap functionality – a prerequisite for Garden Finance Airdrop eligibility – requires invite codes.

Garden Finance Invite Code

  • YFW620

Garden Finance (SEED) Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • Q1 2024
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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