deBridge Airdrop

As of now, deBridge has not issued its own token, but there is potential for a future launch. Early users who have utilized the bridge might receive an airdrop if deBridge introduces its own token.

At PiracyData, we've noticed an intriguing addition in the deBridge interface: a «Points» section, currently marked as «coming soon». This development could signal a step towards a potential deBridge airdrop. While there's no official confirmation of an airdrop, engaging in transactions on deBridge might prove beneficial, potentially accruing more points that could be valuable if a deBridge airdrop occurs.


Apart from the speculative benefits, we at PiracyData find deBridge to be an exceptionally efficient bridge with a user-friendly experience. We regularly use it for bridging assets between EVM blockchains and Solana, and have consistently observed its high performance and ease of use.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using deBridge:

  1. Visit the deBridge Website: Start by navigating to the official deBridge website.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect your digital wallet. deBridge supports EVM and Solana wallets.

  3. Select a Destination Chain: Once your wallet is connected, choose the blockchain you want to bridge to and complete the asset swap process.

  4. Potential  deBridgeAirdrop Eligibility: Keep in mind that deBridge currently does not have its own token. However, by using the bridge now, you may become eligible for an airdrop if they launch their own token in the future.

  5. Note of Caution: Please be aware that there is no confirmed guarantee that deBridge will conduct an airdrop or launch its own token. This is purely speculative at this stage.

While the future of a deBridge airdrop remains speculative, actively using the bridge could be advantageous in accruing points. Moreover, its efficiency and great UX make deBridge a top choice for cross-chain transactions.

deBridge Airdrop Details Overview

Airdrop Expected:
  • TBD
Active Points System:
  • Bridge
Our rating:
Snapshot taken:
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