Solana Airdrop Farming Strategy (February 2024)

Hey, my dear crypto pirates. Today I will present you my airdrop farming strategy for Solana projects to maximize points. Keep in mind, that such strategies have some risks, such as liquidations, so always DYOR, and try to keep your Loan-to-Value ratio in the healthy zone. 

This strategy involves three most promising projects:


  1. First you need to get $bSOL.
  2. Stake your $SOL on SolBlaze and get $bSOL
  3. Lend your $bSOL on MarginFi
  4. Use $bSOL as collateral and borrow $SOL
  5. Lend $SOL that you borrowed on MarginFi to Kamino
  6. Use $SOL as collateral and borrow $bSOL on Kamino
  7. Lend borrowed $bSOL from Kamino to MarginFI

Such strategy will help you earn points on all these platforms, and as you are using both functions (lend/borrow), you increase your points. 

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