Does Your Business Need Custom Software Development?

Each business owner thinks about custom software development. Some consider it at the early stages of the company’s growth. Others start thinking about it when workflow optimization reaches its limits.

Whichever point you are at, you are probably wondering whether customs software development is the right way to invest your money. Since the process isn’t quick or cheap, it requires a special approach and sufficient planning.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out whether you need custom software development today or can allow yourself some thinking time.


1. You are Worried About Security

While using off-the-shelf software may seem sufficient for now, how sure are you of its security? Generic programs can only have a certain level of security, which depends on the developer’s updates. Meanwhile, all hackers can gain access to this program simply by visiting the nearby store. As a result, they can have all the time they want to look for security loopholes.

If you are working with sensitive data and need top-notch security, it’s better to opt for custom software development. These programs are designed with your security needs in mind. All the information is as safe as you want it to be as long as you follow the developer’s recommendations.

2. You Are Tired of Unnecessary Features

Off-the-shelf programs are designed to cater to different customers. Even if you have a special goal in mind, and the program seems to help you meet it, you are bound to face useless features. They may be necessary for other clients but highly annoying to you.

Employees have to struggle with ignoring these features, turning them off, and dealing with unnecessary information. All of that takes time and increases the overall dissatisfaction of the workers.

With custom software, you only get the features you need. Even though the software may have a slight learning curve, your employees are likely to thank you for it. Without all the unnecessary components to ignore, they are bound to achieve better and faster results, thus increasing the revenue.

3. You Are Frustrated with Poor and Costly Support

High-quality customer support is highly important for worry-free software use. From timely updates to quick problem solving, most businesses have numerous requirements for the support team. Meanwhile, companies that develop off-the-shelf software often have trouble reacting to all the requests. Many of them force users to rely on forums or set high prices for individual support.

When you choose custom software development, you can be sure that you are getting top-notch support directly from the development team. The customer service is set to last for the lifetime of the product.

Another problem you may face with generic programs is the end of support. Companies may decide not to support the software anymore. This will never occur with the custom software developer.

4. You Are Tired of Manual and Repetitive Tasks

No matter what your business is, all financial, reporting and analyzing tasks should be done through a program. You could be using off-the-shelf software, but it should be fulfilling the majority of your needs. If you are still writing things down on paper, you are in trouble.

In the 21st century, you could be increasing revenue by using software for the majority of manual and repetitive tasks. If you see someone retyping information from one program into another manually, you are losing valuable time. Are you ready to allow your experts to do manual typing work? If not, it’s time to invest in custom software development

5. You Want to Make A Worthy Investment

Custom software has an extremely high ROI. One of the reasons why many business owners hesitate to order the development is the cost. Since the program is created specifically for your needs, it comes with a higher price tag than the generic off-the-shelf software does.

However, once you start using the program, you can immediately see improvements in the company’s growth and development. The benefits of working with such software are overwhelming. You can reclaim the expenses in a matter of months while improving the overall function of your company.

6. You Are Worried About Employee Satisfaction

When you face an urgent project, you want all your experts to do their best and meet tight deadlines. Such is not possible when your best brains are busy with retyping information from one program to another. Manual and repetitive work can lead to employees’ frustration and lack of satisfaction with their work because it seems to lack purpose.

Having high-quality tools to work with can improve the staff’s mood and do wonders for the overall atmosphere in the company. Allowing your workers to do what they can do best can help you achieve your goals faster.

7. You Are Planning to Grow

How many off-the-shelf programs can satisfy the growing needs of a company? Whether you are planning to increase the number of employees, open new branches or develop a brand new direction, you need a program to accommodate your needs.

Off-the-shelf software is designed to cater to a certain requirement. Once it changes, you need to buy a new program. Eventually, business owners are stuck with several programs, working with which is tedious.

Custom software is designed to change with the company. Developers always leave room for maneuvers and add-ons. So once you decide to grow or make other changes, you can ask them to make adjustments.

Final Thoughts

If at least four of the above assertions are true, your business is ready for custom software development. With a personalized program, you can be sure your work process is as optimized as possible. Your company can save time and money while getting an opportunity to grow and develop.

With one program to cater to all business needs, you can increase employee satisfaction and stop wasting time on unnecessary and costly actions. Custom software development has a high ROI. Every week you put it off, you may lose money.