Flip Dot GG transactions on Solana

Many people recently reported about appearing of suspicious transactions from «flip_dot_gg» and «play jup» in Solscan (Solana blockchain explorer). 

These transactions are from wallets, containing emojis:

  • playjup .sol — https://solscan.io/account/Habp5bncMSsBC3vkChyebepym5dcTNRYeg2LVG464E96
  • flip_dot_gg .sol — https://solscan.io/account/FLiPggWYQyKVTULFWMQjAk26JfK5XRCajfyTmD5weaZ7

And in Solscan transactions look like this:


What is that? 

These could be «dusting attacks» — tiny amounts of crypto sent to wallets to lure you into scams.

What to do if you see flip_dot_gg transactions on Solana?

  1. Do NOT Follow Links! Never click on links in transaction memos or from unknown senders.
  2. Verify Before Interaction. If you receive some strange tokens or an NFT, verify it's from a trusted source before interacting.
  3. Avoid approving any unknown transactions or token spend requests.
  4.  If you need to remove unwanted NFTs, use trusted tools like FFF tools or SolIncinerator, and be mindful of the process.
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