10 Best Torrent Clients in 2024

A torrent is a simple file, which weighs just a few kilobytes. What it does is it allows you to download much larger files with information. Be it movies, audio books, educational videos, photos or more, you need the best torrent client to get them.

Today, we’ll share top 10 torrent clients for different platforms. They are all suitable for quick and painless downloads while being absolutely free. It’s vital to keep one of the best torrent programs in your arsenal since you never know when you might need it.

What To Look For In The Best Torrent Client?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best torrent downloader for your needs.

1. Price

The majority of torrent clients are free. If you have found one that requests a payment, it probably has a free version as well.

2. Compatibility

The torrent client you are choosing should be compatible with your operating system. The best torrent client for Windows may differ from the best torrent client for Mac.

3. Interface

Torrent downloading doesn’t need special knowledge. The program must be easy to install and use. Torrent clients with complicated interfaces delay the downloading process.

10 Best Free Torrent Clients

Now that we know what to look for, let’s start the list.

1. qBittorrent

Suitable for: OSX, Linux, BSD, eComStation, Windows, iOS, Android

Speed, simplicity, and numerous features make this torrent client one of the best options available on the market today. While it’s not the best torrent client for Linux, the windows users will appreciate it in full. Meanwhile, Linux and Mac users can run it as well. It’s just not geared toward them.

The program is simple and enjoyable to use. Even if you’ve never tried torrent downloaders before, you can quickly figure out how to run it. The program is designed to consume as little system resources as possible.


  •         Integrated torrent search engine
  •         Media player
  •         Encryption
  •         Torrent prioritization
  •         IP filtering

It’s ad-free too! The only downside we’ve found is a limited number of plugins.

2. uTorrent

Suitable for: OSX, Windows, Android

uTorrent has been one of the top torrent downloaders for many years. Ever since the torrents appeared, this “guy” has been making it easy to download large files while not utilizing too many system resources.

This program covers all the essential needs of the torrent users. The interface is highly user-friendly. You can also use the software to upload files.

Unlike qBittorrent, this software is not ad-free. So if you are annoyed by the advertisements, this client may not be for you. There is no built-in search so you need to do it manually.

The client has an excellent customer support, which deals with timely updates. The regular updating takes care of the minor issues which may arise.


  •         Torrent creation
  •         Numerous plugins
  •         Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
  •         Speed up options

3. Deluge

Suitable for: OSX, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows

Deluge is a simple, straightforward yet highly powerful tool, which is great for beginners. Even though you may not have heard about this torrent client, it deserves its spot near such giants as qBittorrent or uTorrent.

The program can be integrated with browsers, making the operation easier and painless. You can use it to schedule torrent downloads. While it’s not as popular as the others and doesn’t feature as many plugins, it has all the tools to make torrent use simple and enjoyable.


  •         Simple UI
  •         Extendable through plug-ins
  •         Chrome and Firefox integration

4. Vuze

Suitable for: Windows, Mac, Linux

This free torrent downloader is packed with features. Even though it’s not popular, it has everything such well-known clients as uTorrent do. Vuze used to be known under the name of Azureus.

Vuze interface is pretty straightforward. However, you need at least some knowledge about torrent downloaders in order to deal with setting configuration. Thankfully, the creators have thought of this and provided careful explanations for each configuration step.  

Vuze doesn’t go easy on system resources and requirements. So if you have an old computer, the downloading experience may be somewhat worsened.


  •         Magnetic link support
  •         IP filtering
  •         Social features
  •         Remote control
  •         Media playback support

There is a paid version of this client, which has numerous other features. This is not the best torrent client for Android or iOS.

5. BitTorrent

Suitable for: Mac, Windows

BitTorrent is very similar to uTorrent. It’s one of the top bit torrent clients available on the market today. It has a straightforward UI so you don’t have to spend any time learning how to download files.

If you don’t like ads, BitTorrent is not for you. If you choose free software, you have to be ready for such a downside. Right now, there is no support for Android so the client is currently suitable for the desktop use only.


  •         Few system resources needed
  •         Simple UI
  •         Mac and Windows support
  •         Moderately priced premium version

6. Transmission

Suitable for: OSX, Linux, BSD, Solaris, OpenWrt, Windows

This software is great for a Mac platform, which brings it high scores from users who have spent hours looking for the right suitability. Apple is trying to eliminate torrent clients, calling them hazardous software. As a result, popular downloaders don’t work properly.

Such is not the case with Transmission. It does a great job satisfying Apple clients while offering numerous features. It doesn’t need too many system resources and features a simple UI.


  •         Lightweight software
  •         Not too many ads
  •         Straightforward downloading options
  •         System resource friendly.

7. BitComet

Suitable for: Windows

This is a great torrent client for Window users. Just like BitTorrent, it offers numerous free options. By itself, this program is a small file so it doesn’t need special system requirements or long set up. In fact, it goes up and running in just a couple of minutes.

BitComet can take advantage of your antivirus program to scan the files you are downloading. Since the program is free, you have to settle for some ads. Even though the program only supports Windows today, the improvements are expected in the future.


  •         Fast and lightweight
  •         Simple UI
  •         Clean design
  •         Works with antivirus
  •         Allows download previews

8. FrostWire

Suitable for: Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

Here comes another wonderful torrent client which you probably have never heard of. One of its biggest advantages is that it supports numerous operating systems. It’s small and easy to set up. The program doesn’t need special system requirements or resources.

There are no annoying ads, which can make your user experience unenjoyable. There are numerous advanced settings to help you customize the program for your needs.


  •         Fast and lightweight
  •         Simple UI
  •         Different file opening options
  •         File and folder sharing
  •         Multiple torrent import support.
  •         Advanced settings

9. Tixati

Suitable for: Windows, Linux

This free torrent client doesn’t feature any ads. It’s lightweight yet powerful enough to make it into this list of top 10 torrent clients. It offers detailed information about trackers, peers, pieces, and files. It offers individual event logging for all peers.

This torrent downloader is packed with features while having a straightforward interface. It has numerous advanced options. You don’t need to be a professional torrent user to customize this client. It offers tips and tutorials to help you through the process.


  •         Prioritization
  •         Selective downloading
  •         Broadcatching
  •         Sequential downloading
  •         Graphical and web interfaces
  •         UDP tracker

10.  Tribler

Suitable for: OSX, Linux, BSD, Windows

This torrent client has an excellent feature of allowing you to watch the videos while downloading them. It’s a lightweight program suitable for numerous platforms. It doesn’t have any ads which may interfere with your work.

Another cool feature of Tribler is that it makes your torrent downloads fully anonymous. It routes data across many peers before allowing it to reach the destination.


  •         Prioritization
  •         Selective Downloading
  •         Broadcatching and Search
  •         MSE/PE for security
  •         Graphical, web, command line interfaces
  •         Web seeding
  •         Embedded tracker
  •         Auto updates.

What Is The Best Torrent Client?

In our opinion, the best torrent client is qBittorrent. It has numerous excellent features while being lightweight and straightforward. However, you may find something more suitable to your needs on the list.

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