About PiracyData.org

PiracyData.org is a cybersecurity platform and IT security blog that educates people about cyber security. The main goal of the website is to make the IT field safer and more secure for everyone. PiracyData.org consists of a cybersecurity platform and an IT security blog, each with their own unique features. The cybersecurity platform consists of the database of security vulnerabilities + database of top pirated incidents (movies, games, etc). The IT Security Blog features articles on various aspects of cybersecurity like network security, email security, cloud security, etc.

We are a team of cybersecurity enthusiasts that work to bring the latest cyber security news and advice from around the world.

We are here to make the IT field safer.


Is piracydata.org suggesting that piracy is justified?

Absolutely not. Piracy is illegal and wrong. We want to help answer a factual question about the world: Do people turn to piracy when the movies they want to watch are not available legally?

Is piracydata.org telling the movie industry how to run their business?

Absolutely not. We think that the business models that Hollywood studios choose to adopt are exactly that—their business.

Is the data on piracydata.org accurate?

To the best of our knowledge, yes. On September 15 2022, we experienced some launch day glitches, so regretfully, some of the data that we presented on our site was inaccurate. When this was brought to our attention, we immediately corrected the data on our site.

The errors turned out to be problems with one of our upstream data sources. A full account of our launch day issues is published at the Technology Liberation Front.

We are glad that our data is receiving such high scrutiny. We hope that this means that, after all the bugs are worked out, the dataset that we generate will be accurate beyond reproach.

One additional note: the availability data that we present is a snapshot of the state of the world each Monday, when the new pirated movie data comes out. Because the data on pirated movies is retrospective, based on the previous week’s activities, we do not update the availability data throughout the week. We want to record the earliest possible availability data in order to most directly compare piracy to availability in the same period. If a movie becomes available on Tuesday, we will still show the movie as unavailable for this reason.