Fight Against Piracy

In order to fight against piracy, video game companies implement different kinds of strategies. Used game sales are increasing at a great pace and there will be great loss to game publishers. Most of the companies have identified the biggest obstacles and they are implementing best possible way to overcome those issues. In order to cut down the pirated content, digital downloaded are being offered to customers. In addition to the sales that take place through DVD form, digital download option is also offered. The strategy can be used to fight piracy as well as used game sales. Customers will download games whose resale value will be zero.

If you fail to purchase digital download version, you might want to pay higher cost to play the same game online. Hence, most customers prefer to go for digital downloads. However, there are certain issues which should be addressed by game suppliers. The lengthy code should not cause inconvenience for the customer. There were some customers who ended up paying extra money in this process.

Some game companies insist that users should have access to constant internet connection. If user utilized pirated version, it can be caught easily and it is not possible to play the game anymore. This strategy can be implemented very successfully. The verification of the user will be done online automatically. If there are wrong or duplicate credentials, access to server will be denied. The drawback with the system is that some users would like to play game offline. If there are server issues from the gaming portal, users will not be able to play the game. In the long run, these issues will have great impact on the brand. Hence, sufficient care should be taken to avoid inconvenience to customers.

When games are being offered in download mode, the price should be less than other modes. No packaging, printing and shipping cost is involved through the digital download process. The digital publisher should consider all these factors and most reasonable and appropriate solution should be provided. In order to fight piracy, the gaming companies should not create new trouble to customers.

Gaming companies can fix the pirated issues by tapping the time the game can be played. Innovative measures should be implemented by games developers so that they will give an opportunity to new users to go through the trial version. If new users are convinced with the trial version, they will not hesitate to purchase the same for some price.